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The crucial business development lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from northern soul DJ Richard Searling

19 Jan 2017

I’m guessing the name Richard Searling may not mean a great deal to you unless, like me, you have an interest in rare soul records. Richard is a veteran of over 500+ spots at the legendary Wigan Casino and he continues to DJ at major events as well as hosting a few radio shows each week … and it’s those radio shows that I’m going to use (somewhat questionably) to make an important point about business development that will help you – whether you are a solicitor, an accountant, a barrister, a clerk or a patent or trade mark attorney – save significant time and effort and get a much better return from your BD at the same time.

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Nasty surprises costs you clients: 3 ways lawyers and accountants can avoid giving clients those nasty surprises

06 Jan 2017

When we are interviewing our clients’ clients as a part of an independent client service review programme one of the questions we ask is what the interviewee considers to be the critical success factors in terms of building and maintaining a successful client-adviser relationship. One of the things we almost always hear is “I don’t want any nasty surprises when it comes to bills.”

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A very simple networking lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from Eddie Piller’s eclectic soul show

18 Dec 2016

As well as fuelling my somewhat rabid Curtis Mayfield habit and providing me with a PHD level understanding of Leroy Hutson’s back catalogue, the show’s regular forays into late 80s/early 90s hip hop has reminded me just how much I like that particular genre. And that ladies and gentlemen is the flagrantly far-fetched angle I’m going to shoehorn today’s business development tip into!

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2 marketing/business development lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from 2 of the Premier League’s most visible managers

15 Dec 2016

Blimey Charlie, I can feel some eyes glazing over already at the mere mention of football but cut me some slack, this is the first football-based blog of the year …. and it’s nearly Hogmanay! As we’ve hit the middle of the week I’ve now managed to catch up on the poisonous pedantry of the podcast pundits and 2 things from last week’s Premier League fixtures jumped out at me. Better still, both are things I can use as highly synthetic vehicles to make two very different points designed to help lawyers, barristers and accountants with their marketing and business development. 

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When you have followed up with a new contact by email but only get radio silence, what should you do next?

13 Dec 2016

You meet someone at a networking event.  You get on and find some common ground – perhaps you both were residents in Cripps Hall at University of Nottingham or have got copies of “Anarchy in the UK” 7” single in mint condition or have read all 76 Agatha Christie novels. Excited by the possibilities of future collaborations you follow up by email suggesting meeting up for a coffee or beer. And then nothing happens. The conclusion you reach is that the other party is not interested in meeting up or what you have to offer. You feel rejected, embarrassed and a tad disappointed. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

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4 business development lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Martin Scorsese

09 Dec 2016

“What the devil has Italian-American director and producer got to with a lawyer, barrister or accountant’s marketing and business development?” you are probably asking yourself.  And a reasonable question it would be too. I could manufacture some highly convoluted explanation but you’ll see straight through it so I’ll go with the truth – a few things have come up recently that I wanted to share and this seemed like a way of tackling them that (however synthetic it obviously is) might look half interesting and catch a few readers’ eyes so here we go …

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