Two marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can take from the snow

23 Jan 2013

As some of you may have noticed there’s been a bit of snow.  I say you may have noticed this.  Of course you’ve noticed it – it’s been all over the media in a way that’s made the coverage of the Olympics look like an “and finally …”.

However aside from teaching the dummies who admitted using it to bunk off work on national TV not to be so daft, I think there’s two valuable marketing lessons the professional services can learn from the snow.

1. Forewarned is forearmed

We knew about the snow days if not weeks in advance so why were the roads/railways/local councils not properly prepared?

In the same way everyone involved with law, accountancy or intellectual property knows which changes are afoot.  The trick now is to accept these changes and use them to your advantage.  Sit down and decide which can be used to your advantage (and how to claim that advantage) and which you need to counter by adapting your current offering, value proposition and promotional message.

2. Stating the obvious causes offence

Why do people keep sending pictures of a snowbound  Trafalgar Square/Rotherham High Street/Hawthorns?  I know what snow looks like.

In the same way, I know what a law firm/accountants/patent attorney does.  What I want to know is how it’ll help me and how you have helped companies or people in similar circumstances to me solve particular predicaments.

Stop stating the obvious and more use of testimonials, case studies and practical help sheets.  It’ll make you so much more attractive to current and prospective clients alike.

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