Stafford Hospital and another tenuous link between the news and marketing the professional services

03 Feb 2013

Stuck in the car with only Radio 2 for company (dictated by reception rather than choice I hasten to add) I listened in disgust to a comprehensive discourse on the whole Stafford Hospital debacle.  In amongst the gore, neglect and mis-management rose the independent report of Robert Francis QC promoting “openness, transparency and candour”.

Two questions struck me:

1. Why didn’t these values exist in the bloody first place?

2. Why didn’t these values exist in the bloody first place?!!

But I digress.

Sadly (it’s the way my mind works, I apologise) I thought the values expressed offered a handy cut-out marketing and business development guide for accountants, solicitors and attorneys who – ultimately – are only ever hired to give their advice.

Openness:  Explain what you’re doing and why – you don’t need to explain the machinations and intricacies, just what you plan to do.  Openness also links to responsiveness and accessibility- make sure the door is open when your clients need you.

Transparency: Stay transparent on billing and (more importantly) in communications which must be written in PLAIN ENGLISH!  Pomposity is not a prerequisite of accuracy!

Candour: If a client can’t do something, explain why and offer an alternative.  If a client doesn’t have a hope of achieving their desired outcome, tell them.  That candour will pay back in spades in terms of repeat purchase, future fee earning opportunities and referrals.

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  • paper writing service 2 years 192 days ago

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    Privatization was always sneaking around the back door, honesty was always going to be better for the patients...let's just hope other trusts learn from this.


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