2 from 3: The perfect way for lawyers & accountants to price, package and manage client expectations

03 Mar 2013

Speaking to a solicitor the other day I was told about “2 from 3?.

It’s a simple rule the solicitor learned from a senior partner as a young buck.  When asked to deliver a new piece of work the wily old fox would say to the client:

“You can have any 2 of the following 3 things.  You can have a good piece of work, a quick piece of work or a cheap piece of work.  But, you can only have 2.”

What does that mean?

If you want a good piece of work quickly, it won’t be cheap.

If you want a cheap piece of work quickly, it won’t be as good.

If you want a good piece of work done cheap, it won’t be quick.

With that on the table the client knows what to expect and what to pay.  I would also imagine once it’s said, there’s little recourse or complaint either!

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