Kia delivers a valuable marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants everywhere

22 Mar 2013

Having lunch in front of the TV the other day I noticed Kia’s new ad.  I am usually quite good at blocking out/fast forwarding television ads and have no interest in Kia or cars in general but the opening line managed to permeate my usual ignorance:

“Our customers will tell you more than we ever could.”

That’s right folks; they’re collating, publishing and promoting their clients’ reviews of their products instead of writing vacuous self-aggrandising ad copy.  Brilliant! 

Better still you go on their website and the message is consistent.  Slap bang in the middle of the page you are greeted with:

“Our cars speak for themselves, our customers speak for us”  You click on that and there are hundreds of reviews for each size of car averaging 8.8 or 8.9 out of 10.

We’ve been championing testimonials for years but still there seems to be reticence and reluctance to ask for them let alone promote them so openly.  Why?  Choosing a professional service advisor is a risk-based decision and if you can reduce the perceived risk (by, for example, having someone from the same background/area/sector/industry as your clients saying you’re good in their own words) you will vastly improve the likelihood of being chosen.

Your services may well speak for themselves but it’s time your clients spoke for you.

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