“Pictures and fings”: Objectives will help lawyers and accountants generate more from marketing

26 Mar 2013

I always remember an ex-girlfriend telling me how her grandparents would go out into South London on a Saturday morning looking for “pictures and fings” to jazz up their living room.  They would more often than not come back with nothing.

Her point was that if you go out looking for things you think you need to have without knowing what those things are, you’re never going to be successful.  Instead they could have thought about what they liked, what they wanted and then worked out where to find it.

Marketing and business development are exactly the same.  If your approach is just to “do some marketing” the likelihood is it probably won’t deliver a great deal.  If it is a tick box exercise, something you do so you can say you’ve done something, you’re probably going to the easy events - the ones packed with competitors who have also not given their attendance a huge amount of thought.

It’s an easy thing to change.  Take two minutes to ask yourself what you want to gain from your marketing then plan with the end in mind.

Do you want new clients?  To stay visible to current clients?  To meet new contacts who could become valuable referrers?  Once you know work backwards and identify which events, professional bodies, publications, online forums and other vehicles you can use to get visible to those audiences.

And do you know what?  If you use those vehicles, your marketing will not only generate a higher return, it will also make the whole process much more worthwhile and much more enjoyable.

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