Lawyers, accountants - what does your tea say about your client care?

02 May 2013

I have no idea how may different people make the Tenandahalf team a cup of tea each year.  Taking an average of 10 visits a week and the fact there's two of us out on the road ... well it's a lot!


Despite tea only being tea, it's incredible how each cup differs but what does your tea say about your approach to client care?  How much do you invest to make sure your tea underlines the positive experience you want every visitor to your law firm or accountancy firm's offices to have?


Pale/brief flirtation between cup and bag:  Your visit's actually a bit of an inconvenience and I want you in and out as quickly as possible.


Tea arrives mid-meeting:  I haven't actually prepared for you coming which may or may not mean I haven't prepared properly for the meeting itself.


Overly milky: Do you try and dilute everything to make it more palatable?  How can I trust you to deliver straight, practical advice if you do that with the tea?


Stewed: You've taken your eye off it while you dealt with something else (albeit on my behalf) - are your tie management skills as good as they could be?


A cafetiere of coffee:  I asked for tea.  If you can't get that detail right how do I trust you with the important stuff?


No tea at all: You really don't value me being here at all do you?  Happy to take my money but not enough to refresh me.


Just as you like it: You've taken the trouble/interest to ask me what I want and you delivered it.  We're going to get on.  


Am I being completely serious?  Maybe not but if that could be what people think, maybe it's time to have a think about the way you receive visitors and how your clients feel as a result of that reception.

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