There are other dry cleaners (and lawyers and accountants) out there you know!

21 May 2013

Another day, another rant – dry cleaners this time.

Collecting dry cleaning is never exciting, necessary but never exciting.  I don’t know about you but I always choose the one closest to where I am which, when in Nottingham, is the one by the office.  But no more!

Why?  4 life lessons for you Giltbrook Cleaners, Bridgford Road, West Bridgford!  It may well have been 4.35pm but -

1. Rolling your eyes and jerking your head as if to say “and … what do you want?” (only more rudely) is not an acceptable way to greet clients

2. Sighing loudly when you have to turn around and pick a pair of trousers from a rail less than two metres away does not make your clients feel valued

3. Growling “I suppose you want me to fold them?” in a world weary tone recently filtered through 20 Lambert & Butler isn’t really glimmering customer service

4. Turning and walking away before your client leaves the shop without making eye contact, saying “thank you” or even grunting any sort of recognition is …. (Doug, remember the profanity filter)

I won’t be going back Giltbrook Cleaners so you better accrue for the £17 every two months you’ll be missing. 

Do you ever look at how your clients are received when they visit?  There’s now a level of choice your market’s never had - never mind increased mobility and the threat of the internet.  But if you don’t look after people in the right way, they may just take their £17 and walk too.

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