Lawyers and accountants: Say thank you, win work

31 Jul 2013

My family came home after a short camping trip last night (I obviously couldn’t go because of work … and, more to the point, a rabid distaste for sleeping anywhere without four walls, an iron and an inside toilet!) with a freshly laid egg in her hand. 

Dirty washing I was expecting, damp and soiled children perhaps but not a freshly laid egg.  I asked her where the egg had come from.

“As we were packing up the owner of the site came over and said he thought we’d appreciate one of his eggs as a memento.  Then he thanked us for coming.”

And herein lies the marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants!

My wife + sister + children will now go back.  Yes, the place was good but so are many other campsites in between London and Nottingham.  The site did exactly the same as all of the other campsites - just like there are other law firms, accountancy practices, Chambers etc. that do pretty much the same as yours.

The reason they will go back is the owner said thank you; he appreciated their custom and took the time to tell them.

Whether you look at the time he took (3 minutes) or the number of words he used (3), he’ll earn another £100.  Not a bad ROI!

They will also undoubtedly now tell their pals the same story which should generate even more referrals. 

All just for saying thank you.

Posted by Douglas  |   3 Comments

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