How do I get more referrals?

24 Jan 2020

In yesterday’s blog I answered one of the questions we get asked a lot, namely how you start a blog.  To carry that theme on, here are 7 more practical business development tips we regularly use to answer the many questions relating to how to win more new clients more easily and cost effectively:

1. Know precisely what type of client you want to attract.  Targeting ‘Owner Managed Businesses of High Net Worth individuals’ is not enough!  Who are they?  Where are they?  What do they do?

2. Get closer to your existing clients and contacts and make sure they know who you are targeting and why so they can help.

3. Be able to explain what you do and what you offer clearly and succinctly at the start of a new conversation with a target.

4. Focus solely on starting conversations, not on pushing for immediate instructions.

5. Always say ‘thank you’ then keep the introducer in the loop after an introduction or referral.

6. Ask your introducer to make an email introduction and copy you in. This way the follow up is easier.

7. Always follow up quickly and suggest an easy next step, a coffee or a phone call.

This was originally one of Bernard’s daily LinkedIn BD tips but if you’d like to talk about either networking training or how to turn conversations into clients, please email us and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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