Have you ever seen the Sunday magazine feature “This much I know”?

06 Sep 2019

Don’t worry if you haven’t, the premise is simple!  Celebrities share important lessons that they have learnt in life. As I’ve not as yet had the call to be interviewed I will, instead, share 7 business development ideas inspired by the feature:


1. Professionals will win more clients if they act less British.  That means don’t be reserved and uptight about selling!  If you stay visible and invest time in developing your relationships, you’ll never have to sell anyway.


2. The single biggest reason people’s BD doesn’t generate the desired/expected results is they don’t follow up.


3. The next biggest reason is that they don’t follow up properly.  Simply saying “do you want to meet for a coffee?” is not great follow up.  It is much more likely to work if you say:


“Would you like to meet for a coffee/beer/breakfast/lunch/supper on [2 dates a few weeks away] so we can discuss [then add a specific reason that’ll benefit your invitee]?”


4. The next biggest reason is not following up the follow up.  BD is a process not a single act.



5. Too much of most lawyer/accountant/barrister/patent or trade mark attorney’s BD is going to the same old events to bump into the same people (probably competitors) so it’s no real surprise they don’t see any real results.


6. Persistence pays.  At the first juncture BD is about finding a shared connection (a mutual friend, a mutual client or a shared hobby or interest) and it’s about timing.  In the professional services it’s usually a long game which means you need to do more than give someone a business card and send a brochure.


7. You will win more work if you try harder to help others first.  You will not always be able to provide referrals but perhaps you can make an introduction, share an article of interest or give the person you’re speaking to an idea on how to publish their own article or where to give a talk.


This blog was one of Bernard’s regular LinkedIn posts but implementing marketing and business development strategies is one of Tenandahalf’s specialisms so if you’d like to discuss how you can improve the implementation of your firm’s plan, please drop us a line and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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