A half-baked strategy brilliantly executed is better than a brilliant strategy poorly executed

23 Aug 2019

How many strategy meetings have you sat in? And how many conversations about implementing strategies have you had?  I bet the answer is more strategy and less review and working out how to actually do what needs doing?


And a quick scan of the books in the business section of a bookstore beginning with the letter W (other book shops are available) will only support my assumption!


Over the 20 years I’ve worked with professional service firms people always want to talk (endlessly) about strategy but always have less appetite to talk about implementation.   But if that is the case, how can you get people to actually execute the parts of your plan that requires more urgent attention?  And just because something isn’t working (yet) doesn’t mean the strategy is flawed.  It usually isn’t.  It’s much more likely to be the (lack of) implementation.


With that in mind I’d always suggest you need to ask your colleagues the following 5 critical questions in order to gain better traction:


1. Have you got the right people doing the right things?


2. What improvements might you make to the systems you’ve put in place to deliver your strategy?


3. How are people in your organisation actually being held to account to deliver their bits?


4. What measures can you introduce so you can easily and regularly monitor progress?  You need to be careful here to distinguish between Key Result Indicators (typically financial) and Key Performance Indicators (non-financial and based around activity)


5. Do people understand how your strategy maps against your firm’s vision and commercial goals?


When you get all of your staff to buy-in to your strategy and make sure the right people are engaged (with a system) to deliver their part, you really will have a winning formula.


This blog was one of Bernard’s regular LinkedIn posts but implementing marketing and business development strategies is one of Tenandahalf’s specialisms so if you’d like to discuss how you can improve the implementation of your firm’s plan, please drop us a line and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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