A 15-point checklist to help you create a more effective personal BD plan

12 Aug 2019

Sometimes when our clients are asked to create a personal business development plan for the year ahead the progress is hampered by a very simple question – “what do I put in it?” (And as you’ve trained as a solicitor, accountant, barrister or patent/trade mark attorney, why should you know?!).

If that question is one you’ve asked yourself or if you’re looking at some new ideas you could use to pep up your personal BD plan, this 15-point check list might be useful.

1. Managing client relationships:

1. Identify your most important clients by spend and by opportunity (and remember depending on your area of expertise your clients maybe your colleagues and if they are, don’t forget to include them!) 

2. Set out a formal client development plan for each

3. Continually review progress

4. Find events where you can see a lot of clients at the same time (or identify the internal meetings you need to attend to boost your profile internally) 

5. Find out about them and match your initiatives and invitations to their interests

2. Managing professional contacts:

1. Identify your most productive referrers (and again, if they’re colleagues, make sure they’re included)

2. Work out who your ‘A List’ is and diarise regular (at least quarterly) contact with them throughout the year to stay front of mind.  Then work out how often you can see the remainder, using your firm/team/departmental events wherever possible for time-efficiency 

3. Don’t let diarised activities slip – meetings with contacts are as important as client meetings

4. Mix touchpoints to ensure things stay fresh and to help you build on the social side of your relationship to maximise the likelihood of referrals

5. Meet new people via your firm/team/departmental events and via your own external networking activity 

3. New client acquisition:

1. Give yourself the best possible chance of finding renew client by knowing exactly who you want as targets – What do they do?  Where do they go?  What do they read? 

2. First off search for warm introductions; it’s quicker and easier than any other type of BD

3. Find the right events

4. Find speaking opportunities

5. Get published in print and online

If you would like any more help putting together your next personal marketing/business development plan, please drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to help.


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