“I’m putting a man on the moon”

09 Jul 2019

I was at a conference last week and whilst catching up with one of our pals I was told a good story.  Now I’ll say now that I have no idea whether this is true but because it’ll exemplify a key part of the Tenandahalf ethos with a little nip and tuck we’re going to assume it is!


The story was that in the early days of the space race a VIP visited NASA at Cape Canaveral and saw a janitor mopping the corridors.  “What are you doing?” asked the visitor (in hindsight a naïve question given he was hard at it with a mop and bucket!) and the janitor replied “I’m helping to put a man on the moon”.


True or not the point of course is that everyone in an organisation has to be aware of and bought into the singular purpose of that organisation and feel empowered to play their part in making it happen.


All too often the time and client pressures of working within a professional environment mean it’s easy for solicitors, accountants or patent and trade mark attorneys to lose sight of anything other than their immediate workload.  This can lead to fee earners thinking about themselves solely in terms of employment, commercial property, personal tax, business advisory, IT engineering or bio, ignoring (or, maybe, even ignorant of) the direction the whole firm wants to move in, where they want to get to and why they’re doing what they’re doing.


From a commercial point of view this type of behaviour – often unavoidable as it is – not only mutes potential cross and up selling opportunities it can also, over the longer term, have a detrimental effect on productivity and staff retention which will also hit you in the wallet.


But enough of the negative talk!  It’s not a tricky thing to address and here are 2 possible start points you may want to consider:


1 Have a consistent client value proposition


Strong brands are based on consistency and that means having a single ‘client value proposition’ (just marketing speak for how you explain to clients that what you do and how you do it will deliver more value for them than your competitors can). 


Yes, you may have to rejig that slightly from department to department so if chimes with their market but at least you will all have one consistent core message to convey in person, in writing and online which spells out exactly why clients should choose you.  


2 Promote your plan   


Once you have your proposition and have worked out how you’re going to promote that message so it wins you work (which is all marketing is really), decide the best way to introduce and explain that plan to all of your staff. 


You could have a formal staff briefing or a staff conference or just a social evening that kicks off with an address from the managing partner.  Alternatively larger or multi-location firms could brief all of your Heads of Department so they can – with the help of your marketing and BD people - take the plan back to their teams.


The creation of client value propositions and firm/team/personal business development plans are amongst Tenandahalf’s specialisms.  If you’d like to discuss either, both or something totally different (but BD related!), please email me and we can find a time.


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