Eventbrite is great (no it is!) but …

17 Apr 2019

… No honestly, Eventbrite is great.  Finally under pressure and time sensitive solicitors, accountants, patent and trade mark attorneys and barristers have a single site they can use to find even the most niche networking, discussion and socially focused events.

OK, there is an awful lot on there and you have to sift through until you find the good stuff but writing as an eBay fan I’m already more than familiar with that model and as with eBay if you are willing to put a bit of effort in, you will find what you want.

However yesterday I was quite rightly asked about alternatives given the client in question was being overwhelmed by the volume and irrelevance of the majority of his findings.

For me the alternative (and – strictly speaking - this shouldn’t really be an alternative, it should be an add-on to any Eventbrite search) is a good old fashioned Google search and there are 3 very specific reasons you should always use Google when you’re looking for a new event:

  1. You’ll find the events you’re looking for should come up organically as long as they’re being digitally marketed properly (and if they aren’t maybe they aren't of a quality for you to consider?) 
  2. You’ll find relevant consumer/industry news sites and they’ll not only provide a few ideas for new content and give you the right headlines to discuss when you get to an event, they’ll also have event calendars and probably advertising that’ll highlight even more potential events.
  3. You’ll find the relevant trade associations which will also probably have event calendars that will highlight even more events whether they are that association’s events or third party events.

Finding the right networking events is an essential BD skill for every solicitor, accountant, patent or trade mark attorney and barrister so if you ever need a few pointers, please email me and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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