4 tips to help you maximise your blog’s readership

29 Mar 2019

While the much (over) used maxim ‘content is king’ in undoubtedly true, you can never forget just how much stuff there is being published online and promoted via social media every single day. 


And still all too many lawyers, accountants, barristers and IP attorneys are still missing the point.  They produce hugely involved 12-1500 articles no one reads then decry the fact content marketing doesn’t work so they’re not going to do any more.


In our experience (both in terms of our own business and helping clients grow theirs) it definitely does but only if you bear the following 4 rules in mind:


1. Keep it short


Be kind to the reader, they are as pushed for time as you.   The golden rules are ‘one page on a smart phone’ and ‘can I read between tube/bus stops?’   Any longer just isn’t worth it unless it’s a commission for a trade publication whose readers are committed to its content.


2. Keep it practical


Highlight problems and offer solutions, don’t get too involved in the detail (after all don’t you want the reader to contact you to get more detail?) and keep your tone light and conversational rather than choking each point with jargon and terminology that’s peculiar to your profession.   


3. Mix up the formats


Different people react to different things at different times so try to mix in with FAQs and top tips and other types of content with your (SHORT!) blogs.  Also try to use using images or graphical representation of facts in and amongst the words.


4. Follow the news


Try to piggy-back on big stories to boost your ‘findability’.  If you’re writing about something people are searching on out of personal interest, your likelihood of being found by a new but interested audience will immediately increase.)   Many family and employment lawyers are particularly good at this and have perfected the act of picking up on a major story and giving it a family or employment law spin.


Tenandahalf offer a specialist content marketing workshop, ‘How to produce content that actually does BD’, if you’d like more details please email me.  Or, of you’d like to find out how we could help you manage your content production, please email us for more details and to see examples of the blogs we’ve written for clients.

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