Why touchpoints are great but touchpoints for a reason are better!

21 Mar 2019

 Before we get going it may be worth looking at the acknowledged definition of ‘touchpoint’ and the most straightforward (and given we’re in marketing territory here this is a relative thing!) one I could find is:


“A touchpoint is any interaction (including encounters where there is no physical interaction) that might alter the way that your customer feels about your product, brand, business or service.”*


In a professional services business development context (and in plain English) that means it’s a word to describe every time you come into contact with a client.  It could be a call, a coffee, an email or a social/sporting invite from you.  It could be an e-newsletter or an invite to a seminar or hospitality event from your firm or Chambers.  It could even just be bumping into a client or contact at someone else’s event!


For the purpose of this blog we’re really looking at the ‘from you’ examples and, even more specifically, the ‘from you’ examples you have to organise yourself (a lunch, a coffee, a catch up, team-on-team drinks, a visit to a client’s premises).


While your clients do want to spend time with you just chatting about their businesses or themselves outside of progressing specific matters, cases or accounts (and this isn’t our assumption, we’re repeatedly told this is the case during client service reviews with our client’s clients), the fact is you are more likely to get a “yes” if you explain why you want to meet rather than just offer the meeting.


So what are those reasons?  Here are a few that we’ve seen work well:


An end of (calendar or financial) year review to take a look at the lessons learned from the previous year and to find out more about their plans for the coming year


A change in legislative change you think may affect them or their business that you want to chat through in case it does have an impact


You’re trying to put together a fixed price package of profit and you’d like their views on what you’ve done and what needs to be done to finish it off


You’ve been given a recommendation for a bar/restaurant and remember that they like that type of place so would they like to try it out with you


You’ve been invited to an event with a plus one and think the other people on the table could be potential interesting for your client or contact


There are loads more depending on the relationship and the circumstances so if you’d like to find a reason to use to get back in touch with a specific client or contact, please email me and I’ll be more than happy to help.













*Laura Patterson, the President of VisionEdge Marketing.

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