3 ways to start with the end in mind

26 Feb 2019

Lots of things in life are easier if you start with the end in mind.  Business development is definitely one of them. 


It may sound simple but it really is easier to plan what you need to do if you know what you want to achieve so before you start any BD initiatives make sure they are going to get you to where you want to be.  To explain why in a bit more detail here are 3 examples from our recent experience:


1 Writing a blog


Do you want it to be found by someone who might actually want to become a client or at least make an enquiry or ask for more details in the first instance?  If you do then write in the language they understand and use the words and phrases they’d actually search for in the text to boost your search engine friendliness.


2 Having a coffee


Before you have a coffee with anyone – a client, a contact or a prospect – work out what you want to leave the table with.  Do you want another meeting?  Do you want to send them more information?  Do you want an introduction to one of their clients or contacts?  If you know what you want before you start you will be able to navigate your conversation better and leave with a confirmed follow up step to keep the conversation going.


3 Increasing your personal profile


Who do you want to actually want that increased personal profile to reach?  Again that may sound like an acute case of stating the bleeding obvious but if you have an idea of what type of job titles the people you want to promote yourself have, what industries they work in, where they go, what they read and what they search for online, you will be able to make much more informed decisions as to the marketing vehicles you should be using and better choices will generate better results!


If you would like to discuss how to set stronger objectives and how you can improve your marketing by starting with the end in mind, please email me and we can find a convenient time to meet.

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