What are the 2 quick questions everyone should ask themselves when they meet someone new?

20 Feb 2019

As a lawyer, an accountant, an IP attorney, barrister or architect, your practice is massively dependent on the strength of your professional network.  You need to meet new people and – more importantly – follow up with those people so that you build up the type of relationship that will generate new opportunities (whether those opportunities come from the contact themselves or from the introductions they can make).


However, as a lawyer, an accountant, an IP attorney, barrister or architect you only have a finite amount of time to do that follow up as you have a job to do!


So how do you decide which contacts to follow up on personally and which you leave to your marketing/business development team?


It’s easy.  Every time you meet someone ask yourself 2 really simple questions:


1. Are these people going to be helpful? 


Helpful may mean they could give you work directly, refer you work or that they are generally well connected enough in the right circles to be able to drop your name into the right ears at the right point.


2. Did you get on with them? 


If you’re going to follow up, you need some connection.  If you found the person irritating, arrogant or a bit dry, a coffee or any other form of 1on1 meeting is going to be tough so do yourself a favour, don’t do it!  Moreover if you don’t have any chance of making a personal connection, the meeting will never generate work as any opportunities the person could provide will go to someone else … someone they do get on with!


Now, I can imagine some readers are thinking this is all a bit mercenary or even shallow but let’s be realistic, you want the time you invest in business development to yield results and that honestly won’t happen unless you can answer both of those questions positively … I’m only trying to save you a bit of time (and make your business development a bit more enjoyable)!


If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your business development please get in touch and we can arrange a convenient time for a chat.

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