1+1 =3: Why you need to aim for the personal as well as the professional when you are building working relationships

13 Feb 2019

If there’s one phrase that tends to irk me when I’m working with solicitors, accountants, patent attorneys or barristers it is:

"Doing a good job is all the marketing I need to do.”


It really isn’t.  It’s vitally important and you wouldn’t have much of a practice if you didn’t … .but it definitely ISN’T all the marketing you need to do!


I always hate saying this because you have worked so hard to qualify into your chosen profession but there are thousands of people who can do the same job as you (though obviously not with the flair and panache you bring to it!).  If you are going to maximise the likelihood of people instructing you, coming back to you and referring you to their families, friends and colleagues, there has to be a personal connection as well as the high regards for your legal/financial/scientific/commercial abilities.


Some of the personal side will start to develop in meetings and you can build on it if you use the phone instead of email wherever possible.  However, to establish a real personal connection, you’re going to have to do things outside the office.


To help you build that all important personal connection faster I’d like to share 3 of our top tips:


Make sure your client or contact development plans alternate between the formal (meetings in the office, training, team on teams) and the informal (drinks, curries, quizzes, sporting events,  cycling or cookery) so you are actively reinforcing your professional capabilities and building the personal connection.


Find out what your contacts/clients like.  Is it lunch, coffee, breakfast or a drink after work?  Then find out where they like to have coffee or a drink or what type of food they prefer and invite them out once or twice a year to somewhere that ticks the relevant boxes.  People will be genuinely flattered you’ve listened and acted on what you’ve heard.


Find out what your contacts/clients’ interests are and invite them to anything you hear about that matches those interests.  We’ve seen one client generate superb results from starting a cycling club and another form running an evening cookery class … because they invited the right people and, because they were the right people, they enjoyed themselves!


When it comes to winning new work you can’t make people instruct you.  However, by working on both the professional and the personal you will stack the odds of making yourself the best choice firmly in your favour and from that perspective, 1+1 will definitely equal 3.


If you’d like to discuss how you may be able to make your client and contact development plans more effective, please email me and we can find a convenient time to chat.

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