Successful content is as easy as C, P, D

12 Jul 2018

The majority of lawyers, accountants, IP attorneys and barristers are now producing a consistent flow of content.  The only trouble is not enough of them are seeing the level of return the time and effort they are investing should be generating.   


If we were to ask why they’re not seeing their desired returns, the answer is probably:


1 The pieces of content are too long

2 The pieces of content are too complicated

3 The pieces of content are too technical

4 The pieces of content are a bit vague and not specific to a particular audience

5 The pieces of content don’t include any form of response mechanism


Number 5 is the easiest to address.  Just add a line at the bottom (preferably in bold) telling the reader that if they’d like to discuss the point/s raised in this [blog/article/update] they can contact [the name of the author] on [hyperlink the phone number and email address].   


Points 2-4 can be rectified by adopting Tenandahalf’s CPD model.


CPD stands for nothing more complicated than clear, practical direction.  If your content marketing is going to be successful, you need to ditch overly long technical articles explaining the minutiae of law, accountancy or science and concentrate on solving your readers’ problems.


C:  Be clear on the point you want to make then stick to addressing that point and that point alone and keep the language you use clear of jargon, acronyms and management-speak.


P:  Make sure you provide practical solutions to the problems you address.  Tell people exactly what to do when they face certain circumstances and, where you can, what steps they can take to avoid those circumstances in the first place.  This is where tailoring your pieces to a specific audience (by sector or by geography) will pay off; using the right points of reference will make your piece more relevant to the reader and start the all-important process of marking you out as the accountant, solicitor, patent attorney or barrister that is best for them… and don’t worry about cutting yourself off from your other target markets, you can easily reskin the piece to suit any audience!


D:  While direction is of course about telling your readers what to do, it’s also about directing them back to you as the expert.  That comes back to making sure you spell out what to do next and make it as easy as possible for readers to get in touch with you.


And if you follow the CPD model, you will immediately resolve point 1. 


As your blogs/articles/updates will only tackle one question, they’ll be shorter.  As a general rule of thumb try to keep your word count to between 350-500 words.  Imagine one page on a smartphone and you won’t go far wrong.


If you’d like to discuss how to implement the CPD model or just chat through how you can reinvigorate your content marketing, please drop me a line and we’ll find a convenient time.

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