3 potential sources of new ideas to help you make a contribution to your firm or Chambers’ content marketing

12 Sep 2017

When we are working on content marketing projects with solicitors, IP attorneys, barristers or accountants one of the questions we asked repeatedly is “where do I get my ideas from?”  It is a very valid question, especially if you want your content to be engaging and of actual value to your readers. 


When I’m asked this question before we start to consider potential sources my immediate response is always to remind the client to be confident in themselves and their abilities; you’ve done the training, you have the client experience and you do what you are planning to write about day in day out.


You also know a whole load more about the subject at hand (or that will eventually be at hand) than your readers ever will.  What they want from your content is a solution to a problem they are likely to face written in a style they can easily understand and put into practice as and when they, their business or their family need to (and of course to mark you out as the most attractive option should they require help from a solicitor, IP attorney, barrister or accountant to deliver that solution).  


So in terms of sources, where can you find inspiration as and when required?  To keep things simple I break it down into 3:


1 News


What’s in the news that’s relevant to your practice area or specialism?  You may get a gimme like a legislative change or a landmark case but while that is all perfectly pertinent, it won’t always pique your readers’ interest.


Sometimes it’s just a case of picking up on a relevant story.  Some of our clients with a tech focus have garnered industry attention by simply reporting on interesting new technologies and innovative new consumer products.  Another client has a growing fintech practice and has produced a series of short blogs on the regulatory framework being built up around some of the new trading platforms in order to protect investors and traders.


However, to really build you readership, try and adapt a story from the news or from popular culture to make a specific point. 


Family and employment solicitors are well practiced at this (and I have mentioned creative examples in previous blogs) but it really is possible for anyone in any area to do this.  If you email me, I will give you some examples as to how clients within some of the less ‘content-friendly’ practice areas have successfully tackled this process.  


2 FAQs


What are your clients asking you about most often?  If you have been asked advice on something in particular more than once over the last couple of weeks, the likelihood is it will be of much wider interest to a much wider audience.


This type of content is also quicker and easier to write because you already have the question and the answer/s front of mind.    It’s just a case of jotting them down into a coherent paragraph.


And these don’t just have to be technical questions and answers; anonymised anecdotes often make even more engaging pieces because the reader can recognise and substitute themselves into the positon you are describing.


3 Contrary opinion


Admittedly this is the one of the three that takes the most confidence so if you are new to content, please concentrate on options 1 and 2 while you find your feet.


However if you are confident, the premise is to react to something you see and disagree with and set out your argument as to why you disagree to provide readers with a more balanced view of a particular subject.


Although many solicitors, IP attorneys, barristers or accountants are sometimes a bit reticent about putting their true opinions in the shop window, the truth is a potential client is going to hire you for the way you do things as much as for the fact you can do those things.  Show from the outset you have strong (but supportable) ideas and you will mark yourself out from competitors who are still towing a dry, anonymous and totally interchangeable party line.


If any of these 3 possible sources has given you an idea you’d like to work on, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help.    Alternatively if you would like to find out more about our content creation workshop – how to produce content that really does BD – again just email me.

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