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16 Mar 2017

A is for Action


You will have heard it before but when it comes to marketing and business development there is no magic wand and no fairy dust.  If you are going to win new clients, you are going to have to do something.


You can have the best plan/ideas/intentions in the world but the fact is if you don’t take any action, you won’t win any work.


B is for Benefits


It’s one of those old sales clichés but you can sell features all you like, people only buy when they see the benefit. 


But like all clichés, it’s only become a cliché because it’s true.


Your location, the number of offices/partners/practice areas you have are all features (and pretty uninspiring).  The fact that working with you will in some way save your clients time, money or hassle (or preferably a mix of the three) are benefits, the very benefits your prospective clients are looking for.


C is for Confidence


Just like dogs, clients can smell fear!  It may sound daft but it’s true – why would you pay an professional advisor anything upwards of £200 for their advice if they do not appear to be totally at ease with you, your problem and the required solution?


It’s a simple thing but you have to appear totally confident in your ability, your firm’s abilities and your ability to solve weighty problems.


Confidence can be manifest in things as obvious as your smile, handshake and the level of eye-contact you maintain.  Additional confidence can be built up by embracing ‘soft skills’ training.


These are the first 3 tips in our A-Z of how to win new work.  If you’d like me to send you a copy of a pocket sized guide including all 26 (yes, including X and Z!) please email me your name and address and I’ll stick one in the post for you.



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