What can lawyers and accountants learn about business development from a near death experience?

15 Feb 2017

Did you hear the story about the Australian man, Dan Miller, whose excavator fell into a dam? He survived after being trapped underwater for hours, with just his nose and forehead above the surface.


The story of courage got me thinking about how it might relate to Business Development and indeed perhaps wider lessons in life. Here are 5 lessons that immediately spring to mind:


1. Never give up


When working with lawyers, accountants and patent attorneys I often hear that various BD strategies don't seem to work. On closer examination it becomes clearer that the follow up is weak or sometimes non-existent. So, next time you email someone suggesting a coffee meeting email again or telephone if your initial email falls on deaf ears.


Similarly, if you post a blog on LinkedIn and are disappointed with the level of engagement find out how to write content that gets a high level of engagement rather than dismissing the channel altogether. And rather than dismiss the value of networking or delivering talks hone your skills. You will find small improvements in delivery will yield big returns and change outcomes.


2. Be positive


In an interview after his rescue Dan explained how he stayed positive throughout the ordeal as an effective coping mechanism. Positivity has been proven to help lead to successful outcomes as humans search for consistency. Positive thoughts really do help to change how you behave and in so doing lead to better outcomes.


3. Find creative solutions to solve your challenge


It was Dan's positive mind-set that enabled him to identify a creative solution, in this case by adopting a yoga position to keep his nose above water and thereby allow him to breath.


4. Break goals down into bite sized chunks


Dan was better able to accomplish his goal - survival - by focusing on staying in the correct yoga position which enabled him to breath for 60 second blocks of time.


5. Stay calm ...


... have a sense of perspective and at all times retain a sense of humour!


I’d be interested to learn what more lessons you can find from this amazing story. Please email me to share your stories … there will be a prize for my personal favourite!

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