Ban The Bullet

28 Jul 2016

You may have seen my recent blog where I shared ideas on how you can prepare, deliver and follow up presentations to get better results?  If you missed it’s here.

Today I want to focus on how to improve your slides. Making the small changes highlighted below will lead to more speaking invitations, save you time and ultimately win you more instructions.

Here are the small changes you need to make to your slides:

1. Keep text on each slide to an absolute minimum. No ifs and buts.

2. Use images instead of text to communicate your message or case study, eg photographs of a property transaction, client logos, charts, cartoons, schematics, symbols or other forms of visual representation.

3. Only highlight your firm’s branding on the first and final pages, never every page.

4. Make font as big as you can, bigger still to emphasise a key statistic.

5. Never use the default bullet-point on PowerPoint. Bullets are ugly and largely unnecessary.

6. Replace bullets with text in boxes (this is really easy to do and results in higher audience recall of your messages).

7. If you are delivering a technical update or complex information keep the slides simple (applying the rules above) and provide an additional fact sheet, white paper or report as follow up material.

8. Remember the ‘3 message rule’. People in your audience will only recall 3 messages at most so focus your slides on 3 key points.

9. Use blank slides occasionally in longer talks to break and help you engage your audience by asking questions.

10. Use timelines with images instead of listing events chronologically.

11. At the start of your talk tell people signpost people by highlighting your objectives and how you are going to structure your presentation.

12. Your slides should include stories, case studies and practical examples (visually) to elucidate messages and show real life application.

13. Your last slide should provide clear and easy next steps for the audience to continue the conversation with you. Say exactly what you want people to do next and provide options foe how people can connect with you.

If you have your own tips for improving the quality of your slides please do share them.  I will include the best ideas in a future blog.  You can email or speak to me direct on 0777 189 7772.


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