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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Kermode and Mayo’s Wittertainment

04 December 2014

Fast forward a week and I was in East Anglia giving some practical networking advice to a long standing client and the topic of what you actually talk about predictably came up.  This is when it struck me; you follow the advice of Kermode and Mayo’s just about out of short trousers producer.  You get there and you just do it. 

I know this amorphous, abstract and massively less than empirical pointer will not sit well with lawyers, accountants and barristers as you pride yourselves on clarity, logic and detail.  The trouble is when you’re out meeting people you’re not dealing with clarity, logic and detail, you’re dealing with human beings.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from an argument about Elvis Presley

18 November 2014

Did it work?  Well my view would be you only need to look at the sales figures to know that it did.  His willingness to embrace new ideas, experiment a bit, try new things and push himself paid off.

Does the round of good old stand-by marketing initiatives still set your heart racing or does it feel like taking the safe option for the sake of it? More importantly is the same old stuff generating results?  Or taking your client base further?

Or is it time to do something new whether that’s developing a real social media presence, launching online training options, courting web-based publishing opportunities or just revamping your website so it pushes out practical content and generates higher volume of followup-able - opportunities. 

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Marketing and business development lessons lawyers can learn from Thomas Wilde, East Midlands Trains

12 November 2014

Why does poor service rankle with me so?  Basically because (genuinely not cosmetically) good service is the only thing law firms, accountancy firms, patent and trade mark attorneys and barristers’ Chambers can really put in place to elbow themselves some competitive advantage from their competitors.  

Today I was given a masterclass in client care so I want to break grumpy old man protocol and tell you about it.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from the legend that is Ian ‘Oli’ Holloway

10 November 2014

Making sure your target market knows what you do and how it will benefit them has to be a team effort.  Marketing isn’t just networking, nor is it just for the extroverted.  Really effective business development involves a wide range of skills – speaking, writing, spending time with current clients, utilising social or sporting events and making small talk are just some.

However underpinning all of these is the one skill that gets forgotten but the skill that, because of your training, you will have colleagues who will be really good at, research.  You need to know where your targets are and the best ways to reach them.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Donald Rumsfeld

06 November 2014

While I’m cautious to seek sense from any politician let alone an American politician, yesterday I came across a fantastically illustrative quote attributed to Donald Rumsfeld during a client research interview for one of the law firms we work with:

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

The context in which it was used brought this quote into even sharper focus in terms of a lawyer or an accountant’s marketing and business development.  The clients point was – and I paraphrase – how am I supposed to know what they [the law firm] can do for me if they don’t tell me?

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