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Lawyers and accountants when it comes to marketing are you really doing it ALL?

31 October 2014

Of course I know that you are doing some of this stuff – and you wouldn’t have a practice if you didn’t – but can you honestly say you have every base covered?  And that the approach/activities/initiatives that underpin your marketing and business development plans cover every potential route to work and are delivering as much work as they should?

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Another marketing lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from Gordon Ramsay

15 October 2014

By the simplest laws of economics 19 people paying more for a better product – and therefore left happy enough not just to repeat their purchase but also tell family and friends about their positive experience – simply has to make better commercial sense than pandering to the 1 who complains. 

If you know who your clients are and are confident they are receiving the product and service you want them to, be strong enough to turn away the clients you don’t want.  They will only dilute your offering and erode your business model.

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Marketing and business development lessons lawyers & accountants can learn from football journalists

12 October 2014

And herein lies the marketing and business development advice for lawyers and accountants.  If you worry about the minutiae of every brochure, email bulletin, potential chats over coffee, presentation, seminar or contact you have in your marketing plan, nothing will ever get done.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Wizzards Furniture Restoration

10 October 2014

The context in which it was mentioned in the aforementioned business development workshop (and the reason this would have been the perfect example) was that all too often what law firms and accountants  deem to be added value might be added but is often of little actual value.

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What does your e-marketing say about your firm?

18 September 2014

E-marketing is an emotive subject.  While there is an awful lot out there (and that volume does arguably increase the likelihood the recipient will opt for ‘delete’ rather than ‘open’) it is still an easy to manage and easy to execute way to put your firm’s name in your key contacts’ in-box.

Moreover, if you get it right (practical advice over advertorial, relevant content the recipient will benefit from, short and punchy rather than wordy and academic) you may even cultivate a productive core following ready and willing to instruct you.

However, if you do opt for an e-marketing strategy make sure your content reflects what you want your recipients to think about you as a lawyer or an accountant and is not simply done to tick a marketing box or because you can/think it ought to be done /your competitors are doing it.   

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