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Lawyers and accountants should know the difference between prospects, pipeline and provision

01 May 2015

Talking to a client yesterday we discussed the need to beef up his pipeline a bit.  His response was an age old favourite:

“Even if I did find someone, I wouldn’t be able to take them on as I can’t guarantee the level of service because I’m so stretched.”

I say old favourite because I’ve heard this many, many times as nervous solicitors, accountants, patent attorneys and barristers have dug deep for a reason to avoid a marketing initiative they weren’t totally comfortable with.

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How do you design a training programme that really changes behaviours?

01 May 2015

Training should be more than organisers imparting knowledge and delegates collecting CPD points. It should change behaviours. The reality is that many training interventions whilst strong on content don’t change in behaviours required.

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Why is having a referral strategy less popular than sponsoring roundabouts?

22 April 2015

There is a strange dichotomy in professional practices – on the one hand fee earners proclaim that much of their work comes from referrals, yet at the same time strategic marketing plans rarely articulate a structured, targeted and proactive approach to generate more and better referrals.

At best getting referrals appears to be haphazard and dependent on whether ‘happy clients’ happen to remember to make introductions and refer their clients to their preferred advisors. There is a mistaken assumption that simply doing a good job will automatically lead to quality client referrals. This is not true. Clients may have the intention to refer business but they are busy so forget and need reminding.

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A marketing tip lawyers and accountants can take from Warren Buffett

21 April 2015

I have to admit that I would usually take a Chinese buffet over Warren Buffett but scrolling through some stuff whilst catching up following a recent break I came across a quote from Mr Buffett which absolutely leapt of the page:

“Honesty is a very expensive gift; don't expect it from cheap people.”

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5 ways to immediately get more value from hosting seminars

19 April 2015

A common gripe I hear from solicitors, attorneys, barristers, accountants and other advisors is ‘we run our own seminars but they just don’t deliver instructions’. Frankly this is usually more down to the event execution than a misguided marketing strategy. Put another away, seminars are a good idea but to maximise value there are a number of important considerations in the planning, delivery and follow up.

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