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Another marketing lesson accountants and lawyers can learn from football

26 February 2014

Forget the gadgets.  Forget the next big thing.  Don’t use the virtual as an excuse not to do the physical.   Go back to what you know works.  Get out there, talk to people, stay close to your clients and professional/industry contacts, get on with them and stay in touch.

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Prosecco-gate: Carluccio’s coerce children

12 February 2014

And therein lies the lesson for accountants and lawyers marketing by email.  Segregate and filter your records to make sure you get the right messages to the right people.  Anything else just marks you out as lazy and unattractive and will see your open rates plummet. 

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Bored of marketing as a lawyer or accountant - pretend you’re a musician!

03 February 2014

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solicitor, attorney or accountant trying to build up a sector specialism or a creative scoring the next shoot-em-up for Sony, it’s all about being in the right place, talking to the right people and staying in touch with the people you meet.

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When it comes to marketing lawyers and accountants should stop, look and listen

22 January 2014

Turned out the chap had moved on from said Big 4 firm and was now in-house with a rather large corporate.  They agreed to have lunch but on the evening before the contact called.  The solicitor expected a rain check but instead was told “good job we’re meeting tomorrow, I think I’ve got something for you.”  He did and it was a rather chunky sale.

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It’s small things not the big marketing messages that differentiate you

15 January 2014

During the last three days we’ve been party to two great examples of how lawyers and accountants use  small, simple, no-cost, no-time consuming gestures to stand out from their competitors and underline themselves as client-first operators.

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