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The 3 marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can take from quality television

03 July 2015

Regular readers will know I love rubbish telly.  Especially if said rubbish telly involves members of the general public falling out and shouting at each other and doesn’t involve antiques.

The only problem is – in certain circles at least – watching the landladies of Blackpool, overbearing Jewish matchmaking matriarchs and wannabe WAGs failing in the kitchen is frowned upon.  Instead people talk about what you should be watching (read: what they’ve been told they should be watching).

I have tried to better myself, I really have.

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The sector marketing lesson lawyers & accountants can learn from Wimbledon

02 July 2015

During the initial phase of setting up a sector team there is one question that comes up more than any other (at least once the inevitable "but won't this stop us winning work from other areas" has quite rightly been addressed, squashed and put back in its box). That question is:

"We know it's a sector we definitely want to develop but we've only worked with a couple of clients in that area, how do we get round that?"

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Have you ever thought how weak excuses could have changed the course of history?

01 July 2015

For my own amusement I got to thinking yesterday how the world would look if some of the excuses I hear had been applied at key times during history.

Imagine if, having had the idea to write the definitive proto-soap about the Danish royal family, Shakespeare suddenly said “it’s a good story but if I am going to do it justice I’m going to have to delay starting it for the next 3 years so that I can learn fluent Danish.” 

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Why should you be the last one to leave and turn off the lights at a networking event?

26 June 2015

Are you keen to leave events at the earliest opportunity? If so you are missing the best bit. The conversations that are worth having are later in the day (indeed often late into the night and sometimes the time when the only other people still up for business are the kebab shop owners).

Why is this? What are these conversations (other than “where can I find a kebab shop that is open?”)  and what should you do to get the maximum results from post event/ informal networking?

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4 things lawyers and accountants should know/remember about social media

25 June 2015

With the rise and rise of social media we are seeing more mentions of the various platforms in the marketing and business development plans of the solicitors, barristers and accountants we work with.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing.  The professional services are often regarded as a little more staid than other sectors and lawyers’ and accountants’ apparent and growing willingness to embrace technology has to be seen as positive.  There are however a few things lawyers and accountants need to bear in mind if social media – and Twitter and LinkedIn specifically – are going to play a part in their marketing and business development.

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