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Attention to detail should be at the core of a lawyer and accountant’s marketing and BD

08 February 2015

However the main thought that struck me is that if this is the lengths this chap will go to for an informal meeting, what lengths will he go to when he was working for his own clients?  If he can spot and sort those small details, how much more likely is it he’ll spot and sort out detail that other less observant professionals may miss?

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Networking in the streets of Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside

04 February 2015

Apologies for indulgence in adapting the lyrics of The Smiths song, Panic, but….

I would like to present a perspective on the current debate initiated in The Times about networking. It all started on Saturday when journalist Will Pavia claimed that ‘’networking is dead’’. Then yesterday Robert Crampton responded in The Times by challenging this view. So, where does Tenandahalf stand on the issue?

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The marketing lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from George Orwell

30 January 2015

Whether you’re an accountant, a solicitor or a barrister your clients come to you for advice and that advice must be balanced, honest and have your clients’ best interests at heart even if, in the first instance, it may not appear to be what they want to hear.

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We still sell the old way pt2: There’s no substitute for relationships … or graft

29 January 2015

It was interesting to see in the legal press this morning that the senior partner of one of Scotland’s  larger law firms has attributed their significant fee growth over the last year to the fact:

“Our teams work very hard to build productive, long-term relationships with clients.”

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We still sell the old way: A tribute to Tony Lescombe

23 January 2015

Rarely a day goes by when I don’t make reference to “my old boss at Lloyds”.  The principles and techniques he taught me are at the centre of the Tenandahalf ethos and my memories of watching him at work have given me a veritable archive of best practice I can dip into and use to help our clients build stronger personal relationships that will win them more work.

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