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5 ways to immediately get more value from hosting seminars

19 April 2015

A common gripe I hear from solicitors, attorneys, barristers, accountants and other advisors is ‘we run our own seminars but they just don’t deliver instructions’. Frankly this is usually more down to the event execution than a misguided marketing strategy. Put another away, seminars are a good idea but to maximise value there are a number of important considerations in the planning, delivery and follow up.

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Why Effective Marketing is more ‘Steady Eddie’ than ‘Shiny Wrapping’

19 April 2015

How many of these 5 common frustrations with promoting your business can you relate to?

  1. You have a new website but are not generating more or better enquiries
  2. You haven’t see a return on the sponsorship of a high profile event
  3. You support your firm’s seminar programme but instructions have not followed
  4. You have had articles published in a target media but the response has been lukewarm
  5. You attend all local networking events but wonder why you bother as all you get is a hangover!

One or two, or perhaps more?

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The 3 marketing tips lawyers and accountants can get from American TV

19 April 2015

Before I start I’m not talking about the quality of their programmes (at the high end at least). Mad Men, Justified, SoA, Modern Family, The Blacklist, Stalker et al are terrific … and largely responsible for my renewed interest in the exercise bike. I’m talking about the delivery here; fragmented, irritating and the perfect fodder for which to synthesise a rather contrived series of marketing tips.

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Let’s Play Darts: A marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants

10 March 2015

And that is the lesson.  When you, as a lawyer or accountant, are out there winning work, the likelihood everything will go your way every time is somewhere between anorexic and non-existent.  

As the situation changes or the conversation bends, be ready to adapt your approach so you keep moving towards your objective.

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The big difference one small word can make to a lawyer or accountants business’ development

05 March 2015

I am sure that I have upset many people over the years. We all do. One thing I have learnt is that saying 'SORRY', if done well, is a powerful way to change a mind-set of someone you have hurt. I will come soon to how you might best go about this but why am I writing about the importance of apologising and how to go about it today?

Yesterday, the Tenandahalf tour bus was in the Midlands (I am not going to be more specific to protect client anonymity) to deliver business development training to senior associates at a law firm.

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