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How to successfully implement a Sector strategy & smash your targets

18 June 2015

A Sector based approach to focusing marketing and business development energy is a winning strategy so why do some firms not get the results they would like or achieve what they want to as quick as they’d like?

Based on experience of working with lawyers, accountants, business advisors and intellectual property attorneys here are 7 pointers to help you get better results from your Sector approach quickly.

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Networking lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Northern Soul

10 June 2015

For the uninitiated Northern Soul is a catch-all term for obscure 6os and 70s American dance music.  At first it referred to the rafts of Motown copyists spawned by Detroit, Chicago, Philly, LA, New York and New Orleans but, as time progressed its tastes broadened as fevered enthusiasts in the UK sought to dig ever deeper into this largely untapped musical treasure trove.

Putting the cultural anthropology to one side, what the devil has this to do with a solicitor, accountant or barristers’ networking/ marketing/ business development?  Simple, the whole scene was created specifically to cater for particular tastes in the face of what was, at that time, deemed socially acceptable.

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How can lawyers & accountants network under the radar & enjoy the experience?

10 June 2015

Do you enjoy the business networking that you do? Does it deliver a return on your time? Do you routinely meet interesting people that you share common interests and so enjoy the conversations? 

If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions please read on.

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Why there is no such thing as coincidence

30 May 2015

The phrase that drives me to distraction during my working week is “it’s probably coincidence but ….”

There are few if any coincidences in life.  There are absolutely none when it comes to lawyers or accountants’ marketing or business development, there is only cause and effect i.e. what you get out the office and do will cause some kind of effect … even if it’s years down the road.

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The marketing lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from 4 In a Bed

26 May 2015

Regular readers will be aware of my affection for rubbish telly (and my predilection for trying to use rubbish telly to prove various points about the way lawyers and accountants approach marketing and business development).  My latest find is 4 In a Bed.

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