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10 September 2014

Now compare that enthusiasm - undimmed by almost 50 years of who knows what - to your firm or department's marketing or business development meetings.

Do they provide a forum you can use to work more closely and more effectively with your colleagues? Do they give you the opportunity to demonstrate how highly you value your clients? Do you create better ways of doing things, both internally and for your clients?

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Gordon Ramsay

28 August 2014

Potty-mouthed rantmeister and some-time chef Gordon Ramsay may seem a stage source of business development tips.  However his Kitchen Nightmares show always includes some good advice; advice that with one eye closed and a bit of cynical manipulation can be as easily applied to a lawyer or accountants' marketing as they can to the kitchen of to life in general. 

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Lawyers and accountants, when marketing “Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted”

05 August 2014

And while I’m on the subject – or should that be soapbox? - the conversation was a fly-by coffee while I was in the area, a coffee that was just a catch up – no agenda, very informal and the client was happy to find the time.   What could you pick up just by having a quick catch up with one of your clients?   

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Valuable marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from getting your watch fixed

31 July 2014

Now I wouldn’t ever suggest your law firm or accountancy practice operates such lax cash collection policies (your managing partner or FD would garrotte me) but the marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants is simple – small gestures work wonders in terms of engendering client loyalty, repeat purchase and referrals.  

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Lawyers and accountants – beware you’re not marketing unwanted added value

24 July 2014

And that’s the thing with added value; it’s only ‘additional’ and ‘valuable’ if someone wants it.  If you dictate their needs or repeatedly offer something irrelevant or poorly thought through you will shoot yourself in the foot and an incredible amount of time and goodwill could be wasted.

For lawyers and accountants (and barristers, and patent attorneys) successful business development is about meeting your clients’ needs and packaging those solutions in the way your clients want you to. 

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