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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from The Millionaire Matchmaker

20 January 2015

atti told her girls – all of whom were open-mouthed though that could have been more to do with Botox than baited breath – that they needed to start thinking about where they would realistically meet rich men then hang out there.  That would give them the opportunity to meet the very people they wanted to meet.  I couldn’t agree more.

We’ve been telling the accountants, solicitors and barristers we work with that when it comes to proper business development they need to identify the opportunities attended by their target market rather than keep going to the same old Chamber/IoD/BNI type events.  You’ll find more prospects, learn more inside info you can use in future meetings and – best of all – the floor won’t be filled with competitors.

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What can lawyers and accountants learn about their reception experience from the Co-Op?

16 January 2015

But what has this to do with marketing and business development in the professional services?

Well, although I spend too much time in the Co-Op, I spend far too much time in the receptions and waiting rooms of lawyers, accountants and barristers and it still amazes me how different that experience can be.

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Lawyers and accountants should start their CRM plans with ‘what’ not ‘how’

07 January 2015

If you plan properly the objective for every client will be different.

With some it may be the traditional - to cross-sell or upsell.  For some it may be to increase your share of wallet (damaging your competitors’ at the same time).  For some it may be to boost profile and/or cement your position as you know they're going to grow. 

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When it comes to improving your marketing, lawyers and accountants should flatter to achieve

02 January 2015

While imitation may be best known as the most sincere form of flattery, it can also give you an invaluable steer when it comes to taking your marketing up to the next level.  Whether it’s your website, your e-marketing communications or even your approach to networking or client management, the world is flooded with a plethora of good ideas you can take advantage of.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Kermode and Mayo’s Wittertainment

04 December 2014

Fast forward a week and I was in East Anglia giving some practical networking advice to a long standing client and the topic of what you actually talk about predictably came up.  This is when it struck me; you follow the advice of Kermode and Mayo’s just about out of short trousers producer.  You get there and you just do it. 

I know this amorphous, abstract and massively less than empirical pointer will not sit well with lawyers, accountants and barristers as you pride yourselves on clarity, logic and detail.  The trouble is when you’re out meeting people you’re not dealing with clarity, logic and detail, you’re dealing with human beings.

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