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How can lawyers and accountants follow-up after meeting a new contact at an event?

21 May 2015

Everyone knows follow up is critical to successful business development but few do it or do it well.

What should you do after the event? How do you move the relationship to the next stage? How can you progress conversations about shared interests to business? What works and what doesn't?

Here are a few things we have learnt at Tenandahalf from 10 years of practicing what we preach and strategies we have picked up from business advisors that we have worked with in professional service firms.


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A personal touch (from Private Client Adviser)

20 May 2015

When it comes to marketing and business in development, the mantra in most professional practices is still 'new business, new business, new business'. That's fine if your practice is clearly defined and commercially driven, but if you're focused on everyday people, drumming up brand new business can be tricky.

Sometimes it's a lot easier to look a little closer to home.

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For lawyers and accountants client retention means not taking clients for granted

13 May 2015

However good your product is and however good the delivery of your advice may be, your clients want to be looked after.  They don’t want to be taken for granted.  And just as there are loads more places for you to eat, there are many other solicitors, accountants, barristers and patent/trade mark attorneys your clients can instruct. 

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What effect will the election result have on your business development & marketing?

08 May 2015

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5 management lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Newcastle United

05 May 2015

The situation at Newcastle United is desperate.  It descended way past farce some time ago and even the most optimistic Magpie can only assume it’s only going to get worse.  The Americans have a great word to describe their position, it begins with ‘cluster’ but good taste prohibits me finishing it here.

I’m not qualified to go into exactly how they go there but there are 5 valuable lessons any lawyer or accountant with management responsibilities can learn from Newcastle’s plight.

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