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When it comes to marketing success for lawyers and accountants build a ‘Stairway to Heaven’

09 June 2014

The combination of client workload, internal issues and finite resources means marketing and business development tends to be put to one side in law firms and accountancy practices.  Yes, everyone has the best intentions but somehow no one actually manages to get the final plan in place let alone actually deliver against it.  Instead it languishes in the ‘too difficult’ pile.

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There may be no “i” in team there’s definitely one in “cliché”

04 June 2014

Clichés are well known and as such their meanings are well known. They also forge deep into caricature which means, when they're used, they will not only be understood but also exaggerate themselves for effect which will help the message you want to convey hit home. 

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“You scratch my back” may not be the best referral strategy for lawyers and accountants

02 June 2014

You would not make a recommendation for a mediocre restaurant would you?  Or a slightly above average film?  Or an Indian takeaway with so-so service?  So why should it be any different when it comes to recommending an accountant, a lawyer, an IFA or any other professional?

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The best marketing strategy for lawyers & accountants may be to move FURTHER into their comfort zone

31 May 2014

More importantly because you will be concentrating on the stuff you like doing, you'll do it well and, as a result, you'll overcome that other age old adage "I'm too busy" which means you'll do it as often as you actually need to. 

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from ... Spanish waterslides?

22 May 2014

It’s almost like those two lessons were applicable to networking/asking someone for a coffee/ speaking at a conference/asking an editor for some editorial space/asking someone if they’d like a visit for a chat/offering some in-house training … or all of the above.

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