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Lawyers and accountants, remember what you’re asked for is probably not all a client wants to buy

02 July 2014

Because of human nature people will look for the simplest (not to mention cheapest) option to take care of the matter immediately at hand.  The easiest thing for the salesperson (for that is what a lawyer or an accountant is, at least until you win the first instruction) is to acknowledge, price and sell. 

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The marketing lesson all lawyers and accountants can learn from George Clooney

11 June 2014

And that got me thinking about how similar it was when it comes to business development … (*cue audible sigh from regular readers*) … it is easy to be full of the joys when things are ticking along isn’t it?  You know when the phones ringing, when those contacts you’ve been nurturing finally give you an instruction, when a few bits of miscellaneous work come over email unprompted.  The birds are singing and you’re sweetness and light to the team…

… but what happens when your emails are going unanswered?  When your invites for coffee go unacknowledged or, worse, people seem too busy to accept?  When your billable target seems just that little further out of reach because the pipeline you were banking on has seemingly collapsed?

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Lawyers’ marketing should mirror real football not American football (from TotallyLegal)

09 June 2014

When a law firm or a department within that firm sits down to discuss their marketing or business development plan stage one has to be client retention. Who’s going to take responsibility for that client?   How are they going to manage the relationship? How often will they see them and what will the focus of those meetings be? 

Get these tactics right and it takes us into the hinterland between defence and attack, the midfield if you like.  If you can get these tactics right and start the cross-selling ball rolling, the additional new business you’ll generate from your existing clientbase will allow you to make a significant stride towards growth before you even kick off your new client acquisition initiatives.

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Networking is not just for extroverts (from GAAPweb)

09 June 2014

The level of choice (and scope for new events) has smashed the other great networking myth, that networking is only for extroverts able to “work the room” and deliver a punchy sales pitch or (yuck) an attention grabbing 'elevator script'.  This is nonsense, the more introverted can not only network but, at the right event, can also be a damned site better at it.

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When it comes to marketing success for lawyers and accountants build a ‘Stairway to Heaven’

09 June 2014

The combination of client workload, internal issues and finite resources means marketing and business development tends to be put to one side in law firms and accountancy practices.  Yes, everyone has the best intentions but somehow no one actually manages to get the final plan in place let alone actually deliver against it.  Instead it languishes in the ‘too difficult’ pile.

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