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The 2 sides of the client service coin

19 December 2011

Last week started with a chat about customer services with the Managing Partner of one of the law firms we’re currently working with. His concern was, although he has a very good receptionist, now that she’s gone down to three working days per week, her understudies may not be of the same standard. I told him I’ve never had a problem. I’ve always been well received and my telephone calls handled proficiently.

He also mentioned his worries had been caused by following Bernard on Twitter (@sizetenandahalf Tweet fans) as he’d been quick to pass on the front of house failings of a firm he’d seen the previous week.
It all proved somewhat prophetic.


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When the copywriting stops and the lies begin …

07 December 2011

“Feel the romance of Venice along the canalside of Birmingham.  Did you know that Birmingham is home to more canals than Venice?  Stroll beside the fascinating Fazaley Canal to the Jewellery Quarter, exploring the delightfully overgrown Key Hill Cemetery along the way …”

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