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Now that’s what I call networking

27 May 2011

Fee earners across the country - solicitors, accountants or property professionals - can learn from the public of Ipswich about networking. After a day of satnav diasters and car park misery (is it only me who follows satnav into blind alleys?) it was very heartening to see some human kindness on the streets of Ipswich.

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The disaster that is over-selling

22 May 2011

On my first day of sales training we watched various Video Arts (the brilliant and still relevant John Cleese vehicles) seminars showing us the dos and don’ts of selling.  Recently one of those modules came back to me as I was forced to endure the disaster that is over-selling.

Posted by: Douglas McPherson  |  Comments: 0

10 ½ reasons why Mr BH Clough is the man- management guru we all need!

17 May 2011

There's a lot of guff written about man-management but, for man-management advice, my source of choice is one Brian Howard Clough.

Posted by: Douglas McPherson  |  Comments: 1

Get out, get on, get in

08 May 2011

People like soundbites, a memorable phrase that sums up an idea or ethos.  For Tenandahalf it’s time for a new one so here it is – “get out, get on, get in”.

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