Tenandahalf is a business development agency that specialises in marketing professional service firms.

Since 2005 we have helped a huge number of national and regional law, accountancy, property, patent & trade mark and financial service firms grow.

Whether you are implementing new strategies, increasing new client acquisition, cross-selling, following up on new leads, preparing pitches, tenders or presentations or improving the level of service you offer your existing clients, your growth is ultimately linked to one thing - confidence.

Your fee earners must have the confidence to ‘do’ business development and do it in the way that is most comfortable for them.  It’s our job to nurture that confidence by providing support, suggestions and an external sounding board. 

We do that by combining an understanding of the professional services developed in-house at Eversheds and Lloyds of London with the commercial skills we learned at Procter & Gamble, Shell and Informa.

Why should you work with Tenandahalf?

Our approach is practical, straightforward and results orientated - we definitely don’t do fluff!

You’ll find us plain speaking and practical

This allows us to work more closely with your fee earners which means faster implementation, faster results and a faster financial return.

It means you will create a clearer, more straightforward message to attract new clients which again will only improve the results your marketing generates.

Our only focus is to grow your top and bottom lines 

We will improve the way you market by cutting out less productive activities so your business development becomes more productive, more cost (and time) efficient and more profitable.

And, as your fee earners will be focused on the right activities, they will spend less time marketing and have more time for billable work which again will impact positively on your numbers.

You will have access to best practice from both our corporate and professional service lives

We only pass on ideas that we know work.  This means you can chop out the activities that waste time, effort and budget and concentrate on the activities that generate fees.

We will not only introduce new ideas but also make sure you implement them as quickly as possible so you see better results faster.


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A bit of history

In May 1987 Kevin Hitchcock, now a professional goalkeeping coach, helped Mansfield Town win their only ever Wembley Cup Final by saving two of the spot kicks in the penalty shoot-out with his feet.

This prompted him to say “who needs hands when you’ve got Size 10½s like me?” which we took to mean it’s the result that matters not the route… 

…the result’s always easier when you’ve got Size 10½ Boots.

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